we all fall down canada at leeds independent film festival no gloss

A young man is reunited with a long forgotten friend from his past. However he quickly learns that imaginary friends once forgotten are best left that way.
Written by Jimm Moir and directed by Chris Chitaroni and shot on the Panasonic AF100.

Director, Chris Chitaroni has this to say about the film: “We All Fall Down was made as part of a 60 day film challenge in Ottawa Canada. Jimm Moir and I wrote the script based on a longstanding idea we had been playing with about what would happen if a grown man were to be reunited with a childhood imaginary friend. We were careful to create a malevolent looking creature which would obviously be repulsive to an adult but could feasibly be accepted by a child.”
We All Fall Down (Canada)
Chris Chitaroni
8 mins

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