with marjorie gone carol allen no gloss film festival

Filmed using a ten year old Canon XL1S with guerilla lighting. With Marjorie Gone is a thirty minute feature about a mixed race marriage in the fifties which has repercussions in the present day.
Synopsis: London, 1965. Nizam is depressed, drinking heavily and stubbornly convinced that his wife Marjorie, who left him when their young son Sajid was born, will come back to him. “Everything will be alright when she comes home to us”, he constantly tells Sajid. In the course of one day, Nizam remembers his courtship and marriage in the fifties and in 2012 we see what happens, when Sajid fulfils the promise he made to his dying father to find the mother who deserted them all those years ago.

With Marjorie Gone (UK)
Carol Allen
30 mins

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