Synopsis: A short documentary which portrays an everyday struggle of the two immigrants from Chechenya, Vakha and his son Magomed. The audience is given an opportunity to observe an everyday routine of the couple where, between the mundane chores, proofs of the true affection and care are exposed. Apart from depicting harsh reality of the newly arrived immigrants and their life in Warsaw (Poland), what is the most important one can see how the bond between the father and the son deepens and how, despite of the circumstances, they attempt to retain their identity. The life story of Vakha and Magomed is never fully told, it simply runs in the background and that’s what helps to place some universal values up front.

Vakha takes care of the little Magomed in every moment of the day. Between the two there is a very good relationship, which can be found in every gesture and in every look they exchange. They are Chechen refugees who have found asylum in Warsaw. We can sense that they have a tragic past, but the film chooses to focus entirely on the present: a present made of peace, of small daily certainties and of love – the shining love of a father and son.

Director’s Statement: 35 mm film camera. Just me and cinematographer on the set. From the very beginning I wanted to make a movie about refugees that would show them from a different perspective. First of all as the human beings that need love and normal life as we all do. They don’t call themselves refugees, others do. I wanted to present their problems by showing good emotions. When I met Vakha and Magomed I realized that their strong love is the way of struggle with social problems and the hard memories. I was strongly impressed by Vakha who made everything he could to create a normal childhood for his son and tried to prepare him for an adult life. They maintained in every situation the dignity, and the dignity is the power of human’s life.

Vakha i Magomed (Poland)
Marta Prus

Vakha and Magomed (Poland) will be screened at No/Gloss Film Festival 2014. Buy tickets now!