Synopsis: Elodie and Marie struggling to find an apartment, come up to an extreme solution to solve the housing crisis: kick out the “old people” who are responsible, to their eyes, of the current social imbalance. Then, fill the apartments with teenagers that will work together as a community looking for a better independent life.

In this journey, they will discover that behind their cold calculations regarding the elderly, there are human beings, just as lost and forgotten as they are.


From the Director’s Statement:
Today’s society leaves very little room for seniors and the emerging generation.
We wanted to address these problems through the eyes of the “sweet girls” who think they can solve the problems of the world, with their romantic and naive view of life.

We are bringing to the audience, a beautiful story of friendship, an entertaining contemporary fable, as dark as it is comic, a bittersweet portrait of our society.


Sweet Girls (Switzerland)
Jean-Paul Cardinaux and Xavier Ruiz
100 mins

Sweet Girls (Switzerland) will be screened at No Gloss Film Festival 2016.