Synopsis: Strong Coffee with Vodka is a subtle short comedic film where not much appears to happen – but a lot is said. It’s a story about absurd misunderstandings between a doormat of a waiter named Louie, his dictatorial boss Kanaan and a sadistic soy milk-loving customer who takes an instant dislike to Louie. When he’s faced with getting fired, Louie is forced to beat the customer at her own game and come up with a believable explanation for Kanaan – but in his own illogically logical way. Set to a quirky, Balkan-influenced soundtrack, the three characters exist in a triangle of nonsense. A combination of situation comedy, ironic innuendo, microagressions and a series of bad decisions, the film is a peek into the twisted idiocies of every day life.

Director’s statement:

Strong Coffee with Vodka is about the daily idiocies of humanity. I wanted to tell an atmospheric story that concentrated on conversation and characters. The audience might feel some sense of recognition and have to laugh about the situation or something about themselves they see in the characters – but in a slightly twisted way.
– Production Budget was 600€ (financed by the director himself – as a waiter in the same café)
– Filmed in just 12 hours (in three days)
– The main character Louie never played in a film before (he isn’t an actor)

Strong Coffee With Vodka (Germany)

Strong Coffee with Vodka (Germany)
Vladimir Scheiermann

Strong Coffee with Vodka (Germany) will be screened at No/Gloss Film Festival 2014. Buy tickets now!