Synopsis: Clive has already made up his mind. He is going to subtract his hearing, speech and sight one at a time; a week of abstinence from each of them.
He throws himself into the experiment with curiosity and commitment, determined to discover the small detail he is missing, the secret key that can open up his senses and connect him to the world.

Day by day, Clive leaves the comfort of his ordinary life and steps into an unfamiliar territory; he finds himself in a grey area that lies far from common sense, at the borders of the socially acceptable.
Will he have sufficient courage? Will he embrace the path he has found?

‘Simple Being’ lives halfway between reality and fiction, blending the real experiment of an actor (Sol Mason) with the fictional quest of an extreme, but sincere hero.

We are invited not to watch his journey, but to take part in it.

Director’s Statement: Our goal with this film is to give the audience the possibility to take part in something as unique as the journey we have been through.
SIMPLE BEING is a story that can continue outside of the movie theater and that the audience can try on its own skin.

Simple Being (USA)
Marco Ferrari

Simple Being (USA) will be screened at No/Gloss Film Festival 2014. Buy tickets now!

Simple Being (USA) No Gloss Film Festival