Synopsis: Self Offense is the journey of four women victimized by abuse and violence. Their individual stories are woven together through the self-defense course where they randomly meet and gain tools necessary to break the cycle of abuse that has paralyzed them from moving forward. Shot as a suspense film, engaging a broader audience, the message is important and has the power to create dialogue about the issue of violence against women.

Director’s Statement: This project has a deep meaning to our cast and crew. Many of us have been touched by violence, either personally or with someone we love. It happens every day and can happen to anyone regardless of their appearance, race, religion, income, or sexuality. It is our goal to reach a broad audience through screening the film at festivals around the country and possibly internationally. We plan to have at least one representative of the cast and crew travel with the film whenever possible. With this unique platform we will be available for Q & A sessions as well as one on one conversation. It is our hope to raise awareness about these issues. If we can reach someone to help them escape danger then it will all be worth any cost.

Self Offence (USA)
Wendy Keeling

Self Offence (USA) will be screened at No/Gloss Film Festival 2014. Buy tickets now!