Synopsis: Kidnapped victim Roo must escape a wannabe Cupid before she is injected with an untested love serum.
This is director Jessica Flood’s first short film as a graduate writer-director of the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). The film is demonstrative of the issues based cinema Jessica wants to create, for which she blames a childhood of Stanley Kramer and Steven Spielberg, whose great stories could have had a few more female characters with attitude. As a filmmaker Jessica wants to write and direct strong female characters, playing with well-worn popular genres to challenge audiences and explore pressing social issues.

Watch the now successfully funded Qupid campaign video and get to know this brilliant short:

From the Director’s Statement:

“Human beings are sexual beings and when we repress this side of ourselves there are destructive consequences. But Qupid isn’t a literal exploration of the issue. It functions as a fable, a warning against the detrimental impact of sexual repression.
Quentin (Paul Wilson) represents heteronormative society attempting to control and direct sexuality as a syringe wielding cupid. His antithesis is Roo (Sally Dulson), the story’s hero, a woman who does not allow society to define her sexuality, nor her sexuality define her.

qupid (australia)

The backdrop for Quentin’s kidnappings is rural Australia, a setting heavy with ideas of tradition and somehow fixed within our national psyche, despite the majority of Australians living in urban areas.

Although Australia is considered progressive on LGBTQI issues, correctional centres still operate in the country. These institutions provide “reparative therapy” for those who are supposedly suffering unwanted same-sex attraction. It is this delusion, equating homosexuality to a curable ailment, which first sparked the idea for a short film.

The consequences of Quentin’s attempt to control and direct sexuality is worn by Dominic. He is no longer a man, just an embodiment of his sex and sexuality. He exists solely to dominate Roo, without an identity. He is a warning against the detrimental impact of sexual repression.”

Qupid (Australia)
Jessica Flood
10 mins

Qupid (Australia) will be screened at No Gloss Film Festival 2016.