Synopsis: In a small apartment located in the concrete blocks of modern Belgrade, two artists are going through the personal creativity crisis in the time of global crisis. Minutes after being intimate, they reveal, through casual talk, all the waste of their lives, as well as of the fictional lives they create.

Director’s Statement:

This short film is a story about the universal fear of being rejected, attached and alone.

Our Skin is Going to Gray is a film conceptualized as a small, no-budget
project with the idea to show that one quite small crew can make a film understandable to any audiences. The priorities in this story, for me as director, were characters and their relationship. Whether these are lives from the society surrounding us, here and now, who may be the victims of global world’s crisis, or fictional lives who are ‘victims’ of creativity crisis of their authors – we undoubtedly sympathize with them.

Our Skin is Going to Gray (Serbia)
Ivan Bakrac
12 mins

Our Skin is Going to Gray (Serbia) will be screened at No Gloss Film Festival 2015.