Synopsis: Amsterdam in the early 1980s: Our capital is plagued by unemployment, activism and cityforming. Its history is being bulldozed to the ground in great strides. The No Future generation is searching for ways to maintain a life in a city that seems to crumble away under their feet. The uninhibited Anna seeks her stability in the arms of female squatter Jack, who seems to know the way of the world. Anna who is but too happy to be guided, enjoys the freedom. But can Anna muster the same fighting spirit when push comes to shove? Or does one actually need different things to survive?

According to film director Marco Reekers, the 80’s will be the new 70’s but with a slightly more cynical approach. His view is that not only does every place in time gets the generation it deserves, but also gets the history it deserves.

“The massive activism has gone, and is replaced by clicking massively on a facebook like-button. I don’t particularly think that that’s a problem, but I do think we need to wake up and smell the context of the world that was created for us.”

From the Director’s Statement:

True creativity you find in endurance and a lot of really, really hard work.

no-future - marco reekers

No Future (Netherlands)
Marco Reekers
80 mins

No Future (Netherlands) will be screened at No Gloss Film Festival 2016.