my Island by Matthew Huston leeds independent film festival

My Island is a defiantly independent film portrait of one man’s defiant pursuit of independence. Christopher Ellis has lived for the past six years as the only inhabitant of an isolated Scottish island. Every Christmas he walks back to his home town of Leeds and works in a large Italian restaurant.

Here’s what director Matthew Huston has to say about this film: “I had always had a romantic vision of being in total isolation, being able to concentrate on artistic pursuits without distraction. What I took away with me from my meeting with Chris was his contentment with just being free without the need to project his desires beyond the landscape he inhabits. He was not trying to use the landscape or his life as a great artistic form of inspiration, he was just existing. I admire Chris greatly for his strong conviction in the way that he has been able to manage his life and lived it, yet this quest for independence has undoubtedly meant many sacrifices along the way.”

My Island (UK)
Matthew Huston
69 mins

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