Synopsis: With her grandmother’s impending death, 18 year old Mary returns to the family home in the country. She has a distant relationship with her grandmother and Mary finds it difficult to connect, instead developing a renewed mutual fondness with her cousin Cameron.



via a statement from the director for Norwich University:
“I have created a short narrative art-house film primarily informed by modernist literature and personal anxiety. The young female protagonist suffers from an acute self-awareness in a story of simultaneous coming-of-age and childhood regression. The character’s emotional displacement is reflected though a static approach to cinematography with charged cuts, partly inspired by Japanese cinema. I play with fragmentation and off-screen space – strong visual storytelling influenced by the ‘pure cinema’ of Hitchcock, Bresson and Haneke.


The film rejects easy sentiment, applying a formal restraint that avoids the dramatic and heightens the arbitrary. ”

I’m interested in small stories and embracing the anti-climatic, subverting it to internalise the drama and engage viewers in unexpected ways.


Mary No More (UK)
Joshua Carver
24 mins

Mary No More (UK) will be screened at No Gloss Film Festival 2015.