A hilarious, dark-comedic and outright surreal short film about an old lady’s love for her plants – definitely not what you think it is!

Synopsis: Margie loves her garden; both the legal one, outside, and the one inside where she grows a different kind of crop.


Her grandson Niall comes around regularly to take away the dried out crop and sell it on to friends. Neighbour Adam realises what’s going on, on his patch and can’t put up with it. He goes round and tries to intimidate her. She only smiles, and makes him a cup of tea, leaving Adam confused. But then things start getting pretty dark…


From the Director’s Biography
Director and part time lecturer Ash Morris is from West Midlands, holds a BA Hons in Film, Television and Radio, and a MA in Film Production, Practice and Theory and is extremely passionate about Film, as a whole, particularly in the areas of British Realism, Working Class Cinema, Subcultures, and Films/Documentaries that blur the lines between fiction and non-fiction.

Margie’s Garden (UK)
Ash Morris

Margie’s Garden (UK) will be screened at No Gloss Film Festival 2016.