leeds independent film festival Lullaby City South Korea by Suel Kim


Shot on a Panasonic DVX100 with a budget of only 300 US dollars, Lullaby City (South Korea) is an omnibus film written, directed and produced by Suel Kim featuring three intertwining love stories set in Seoul. The first story follows a 40 year old sculptor living with her mother, the second a young foreign office worker stuck in his banal lifestyle, and the third a sugar baby with a penchant for expensive handbags.

Here’s Suel Kim with some background on the film:

My name is Suel Kim, and I’m originally from New York City. I came to Korea in 2009 for the first time to explore the homeland of my parents. In 2012, I was inspired to create a film in Seoul. However, work at my Korean company took up most of my time, and I found myself lacking in resources.

So, I wrote a script, and recruited a few friends, who had actually never acted before. But I was confident that they would be able to fill the roles in my film, as they all had natural ability and charisma. Equipped with a digital camera, I started filming with them on weekends, and Lullaby City was created. My film was made with a budget of 300,000 won (about 300 US dollars). I assumed all production roles myself. I was also very lucky in finding Chris Zabriskie’s gorgeous and enchanting music.

I am grateful for the experience of making Lullaby City, and hope that the film can inspire others to embrace their spirit of independent filmmaking.

Lullaby City is proof that any artist can create a meaningful film with hard work and support from family and friends.

Lullaby City (South Korea)
Suel Kim

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