Synopsis: A film about one woman at two different points in her life: one filled with death, and one with life. In one time she struggles to perform the most everyday of actions, and in the
other she takes the time to enjoy these moments.

Presented in ‘silence’, with minimal dialogue, delivered in French and Italian and without subtitles. At times it’s almost as if these two women could see each other, as though they could see through time. At the end, are we left with a woman looking back on her past, or a premonition of what is to come? Whether this is a film about hurt or a film about healing is entirely subjective. Which period comes first and which second is left up to the audience, in this haunting, fragile, and beautiful film.


Look At Me Now (UK)
Ben Woodiwiss
19 mins

Look At Me Now (UK) will be screened at No Gloss Film Festival 2015.