Synopsis: Dawn has recently lost her husband. She is finding it difficult to let go and longs for her husband’s presence. In order to see or feel him she delves into her subconscious and imagination; unfortunately the more she sees the more her reality becomes distorted.

Director’s statement:

Longing is a visual piece. I wanted to explore the concept of ‘Longing’with two characters in one location –both are grieving and seek a sense of normality, but in order for this to happen they must face their current loss. Dawn in particular struggles with her own reality. To find closure she yearns for Rashid’s presence, and delves into her subconscious for this to occur. My first short Steam was shot on a microbudget, but was an amazing experience where I started to find my own voice. In this, my second short, I particularly wanted to explore digital film techniques. To do this, however, I needed a bigger budget, so used crowdfunding website Indiegogo to successfully raise a modest amount to cover high quality equipment hire. Despite the relatively small budget I’m extremely proud of the end product, as well as our dedicated and talented cast and crew on the two day shoot.

Longing (UK)
Zoe Sailsman Asghar

Longing (UK) will be screened at No/Gloss Film Festival 2014. Buy tickets now!