An unusual and absolutely hilarious take on a relationship between a young woman and her estranged, dysfunctional family.

Synopsis: A black Comedy. Kinneret, a passive young woman, is faced between her obligation to her eccentric American family and to her overbearing boyfriend Shlomi. As the story unfolds, she is clearly incapable of fulfilling both obligations. Kinneret finds herself attending an absurd funeral at the Yarkon River that crosses the city center of Tel Aviv. With mixed emotions concerning the death of her grandmother, and spending the day with her dysfunctional family, Kinneret is also dealing with her unsatisfying relationship with Shlomi. The story deals with Kinneret facing her personal demons as well as her wishes and fantasies.

Director’s statement:

The budget was 28,000 NIS (about 7000$) and was inspired by a true story. It was shot under unusual conditions – during “Amud Anan” operation between Israel and Gaza.

All About Kineret (Israel)
Tzlil Kahana

All About Kineret (Israel) will be screened at No/Gloss Film Festival 2014. Buy tickets now!