Synopsis: A young South Asian woman lives in London with her husband and in-laws. Being miles away from her own family, in an alien city, she is forced to undergo sex-selective abortion against her will. The film becomes a psychological portrait of hers, while she has to deal with personal fears, long-standing cultural norms as well as other people’s desires.

From the Director’s Statement:
The more I was researching the subject of sex-selective abortion, the more I realized its scale.

As it was expected, female feticide is the most common form of selective abortion. Statistics showcase the magnitude of that. By 2011 over 160 million female feticides have happened worldwide.

It is a personal film through which I have learned even more about myself. Most importantly, though, I learned to care more about the world around me.


Killing My Girl (UK)
Tasos Giapoutzis
11 mins

Skinship (UK) will be screened at No Gloss Film Festival 2015.