kenneth by Peter Anthony Farren no gloss film festival uk
Kenneth’s life isn’t going according to plan; He’s just been fired from his job, his girlfriend Kim is acting really strangely. Kim isn’t crazy about Kenneth’s new best friend, Peter, a homicidal tramp who’s on the run from the army, and to top it all a strange green creature that only he can see has just crawled out of his head and seems hell bent on making things difficult for him.

Join Kenneth as he battles his strange new friend, his mean and malevolent monster, his ex-boss, the police and his own troubled psyche, and rejoice as his story reaches its sweet and curious conclusion.

Kenneth was shot on a borrowed Canon 5D DSLR camera. Directed by Peter Anthony Farren, produced by Oliver Semple, written by Peter Anthony Farren & Oliver Semple and stars Duncan Casey, Stephen Mosley, Terry May, Fiona Organ and Ed Dickinson.

Kenneth (UK)
Peter Anthony Farren

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