Synopsis: You cannot live someone else’s life. Intimidade Pública (Public Intimacy) is a film about how we deal with sexuality and love on public and private levels.

The four stories in Intimidade Pública deal with urgent and profound themes, like homophobia, prostitution, trans-issues and madness. Intimidade Pública proposes a cinema that is focused on its characters. They struggle to become who they really are.


From The Director’s Statement:
Intimidade Pública is my first feature film. It was made as a collaborative process with the actors and crew, and it never had a written script or a budget.

The theme of the film, how we deal with love and sexuality, is very dear to me. I wanted to make a film about real people in real situations.


The scenes on the movie were shot by me as we improvised on location. I hope you enjoy the journey of these characters as much as we did making them. We poured our hearts into this movie; I hope it gets into yours too.

Intimidade Pública (Brazil)
Luciana Canton

Intimidade Pública (Brazil) will be screened at No Gloss Film Festival 2016.