Synopsis: A frightened man encounters a monster in the darkness. He tries to escape from the inscrutable space, but he inexplicably comes back again and again. Each time he returns, one by one, things begin to disappear. Finally, only the monster and the man are left. And then… nobody knows who ate who.

From the Director’s Statement:
The title “The Hole” symbolizes a mouth and an exit. The mouth represents a violent tool for biting, not for communication. The monster in the film embodies the essence of violence and others are its victims.

At the end, the frightened man isn’t just the victim, but this isn’t a triumph. Those in the film are in a competitive world, eating each other.

Most people absolutely believe that they are not the main agents of violence. But the truth may be that anyone can be not just the victim, but also the monster.

I want to imply it as an ambiguous nightmare.


The Hole (South Korea)
BongSu Choi

The Hole (South Korea) will be screened at No Gloss Film Festival 2016.