Synopsis: Fumes is a psychological thriller about one man’s journey to return to his family.
An unknown crisis has led to the sudden breakdown of infrastructure and society itself hangs in the balance. Jared must escape the city to join Phoebe and their child.

As he prepares to leave, Sy – an old acquaintance of Jared’s – appears, asking for a ride in Jared’s car. He agrees, but as the two set out together through the disintegrating city, Jared becomes disturbed by his companion’s attitude: Sy seems to be reveling in the chaos. Jared’s misgivings and suspicions about Sy grow as the two drive out onto eerily deserted motorways and into the stark landcapes of East Anglia.
The situations Jared and Sy encounter cause an already strained relationship to be pushed to the limit.
When the things we rely on are taken away, what do we discover about ourselves? What happens to the things we take for granted in response to a changing world?


From the Director’s Statement

With Fumes, I set out to make a film that asks more questions than it answers, that does not wrap itself up neatly at the end.


Fumes (UK)
Tom Werber

Fumes (UK) will be screened at No Gloss Film Festival 2016.