Synopsis: A journey of passion, a bitter night. A young Chinese man asks for help from his friends Fiona and her lover Lola to resolve a big trouble – the guy he’d spent the afternoon with is dead in his bed from the effects of a drug. He has broken the law and nobody knows what to do… and nothing will turn out the way they would expect.

floating-melon - Roberto F Canuto

From the Director’s Statement:
The film Floating Melon is a fiction film, but inspired by characters that are present in Chinese contemporary society. It reflects, with a realistic perspective in stylistic and narrative terms, the story of a young man unable to react in a situation that is beyond his imagination. He needs to make a decision that may risk his future – the consequences of strict rules in society. Also, it represents this invisible community, the LGBT, that it is not as persecuted as in other countries, but for family pressures and the lack of protective laws, it needs to be self protected. This lack of support make for some people to take unusual and on occasions, dangerous routes to build their relationships.

Floating Melon (Spain / China)
Xu Xiaoxi & Roberto F. Canuto
20 mins

Floating Melon (Spain / China) will be screened at No Gloss Film Festival 2016.