Erase Una Vez En Bolivia Leeds No Gloss Film Festival 2013
When Patrick Cordova decided to quit his job to make a film, he wan’t expecting to go on an epic roller coaster adventure. Erase Una Vez En Bolivia (Once Upon A Time in Bolivia), written, directed and produced by Cordova, is described as a “micro-budget, independent road movie about two brothers racing across Bolivia towards the border with Chile during the 2003 national crisis.”

Shot entirely on the Canon 5D and filmed in just 18 days, the storyline follows the main characters Nene and his half-white brother Rocky on their roadtrip towards Chile, as they attempt to flee the escalating violence and disorder in Bolivia, hoping for a better future. However, there is a twist – the border closes in 3 days, and in their journey through remote parts of Bolivia, stunning mountains, gritty slums and unforgiving deserts, they struggle with each other in their barely functioning car, overcome roadblocks and encounter unlikely characters.

Cordova and his team endured every challenge imaginable whilst in the making of the film: they were almost imprisoned, harassed, filmed in extreme weather conditions, and ran out of food and water at one point. By the last day of filming, Cordova filmed alone, shaved off 14 pounds of weight and became exhausted beyond belief.

Erase Una Vez En Bolivia is the product of all that tremendous effort.
We urge you to watch this, it is simply and utterly brilliant.


Erase Una Vez En Bolivia (Bolivia)
Patrick Cordova
81 mins

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