Synopsis: “Kids” meets “Midnight Cowboy.”
A love story between two drifters, a naive teenager and a hustler. The film captures a runaway’s journey to New York City. Ekaj meets Mecca who takes him under his care. Mecca has AIDS and multiple problems of his own. He is high all day but still manages to be the only voice of reason in Ekaj’s hopeless world. They cruise the city together looking for money and places to stay.


The core of the movie is Ekaj, who thinks he will become the lover of a rich man and be taken care of for life but ends up finding his dreams quickly shattered. Although he makes some money as a prostitute, he finds he is disposable, replaceable and lacking what it takes to survive in the city. Their relationship develops into true friendship and love as they lean on each other for survival.


From the Director’s Statement

The film Ekaj is meant to be an opportunity for kids from the other side of the tracks to work on a creative project.

The Director chose each character to fit as close as possible to the script. She also knew it would not be easy to make a film with two leading characters who are struggling with their own lives at the same time. All the cast in the film had experienced a similar story or identified with the characters they were playing or have friends who did.


Ekaj (USA)
Cati Gonzalez

Ekaj (USA) will be screened at No Gloss Film Festival 2016.