Synopsis: A young man wakes up in the dark kitchen of a restaurant. He is wounded, he has been beaten up and tied to a chair. Moreover, his arms are tied up and sunk into a bucket of ice and blood. His preconditions don’t seem to be good.
He does not remember what happened to him so his two torturers – a woman and a man, both Asian – help him reconstruct the events.
The story is told by Poldo to his friends, with whom he is having dinner in a Roman trattoria.
The Asian girl is verbally attacked by the tied up young man, who is arrogant and confident, although being in an unfavorable position. He insults them saying that they are immigrants who come here without integrating into society and maintain their costumes, which are far from being western. Through their dialogues that become more brutal by the minute, it emerges that the young man had walked there to do a robbery, but the “Chinese” had neutralized him and the details become dreadful. The young man now starts to get really frightened.
At the same time, as the story goes on, the girl becomes less kind, crossing the line and becoming more and more aggressive and quick-tempered.
The petty thief tries to maintain his swagger and aggressiveness, he his tough but more and more scared to the point of being in a state of panic.
Things reverse and the predator becomes the prey in a story with a dense rhythm that seems to end up in his inevitable execution.
In the end somebody has to die.

Director’s statement:

Ehi Muso Giallo is a story of no precise genre. It is a comedy, a pulp film, it’s a bit grotesque and a bit noir, just as its characters are. Nobody is the main character, and yet all are. Nobody is the real victim and nobody is clearly the torturer. The story wants to disorientate all the time without wanting to unveil – before the end – what will happen.
Even more confusing is what happens in the restaurant. Who are the young men? A group of friends telling an urban legend? Is Poldo-the story teller, an accomplice of the restaurant owners? Are his friends the next victims of the kitchen?

Ehi Muso Giallo (Italy)
Pierluca Di Pasquale

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