Dr Whooligan - Attack of the Bagmen  by Mark Bowcock leeds no gloss film festival
Wow. We have never ever seen anything as trashy, low-fi, outrageous and yet funny, DIY as hell, foul-mouthed and deranged as this. Dr Whooligan  – Attack of The Bagmen (UK) arrived in the post as a DVD submission, complete with a hilarious written note. The DVD is playfully rated: “Suitable only for persons with the mentality of a 12 year old”. This is a gem of film and produced Leeds too by writer-director Mark Bowcock. Mark said, “My friends and I made this film for fun. Most of the filming was done with 2 hi-8 camcorders – one analog and one digital and a bit of it was filmed on my mate’s Sony HD jobby.”

Synopsis: When a drunk Gallifreyan steals a TARDIS he thinks he’s in for a wild time cruising all the crazy places in the universe. Navigating the infinite,  infundibulumic depths of space and time, however, is not always as easy as it sounds, especially when you’re wasted…

You have not seen anything like this.

Dr Whooligan – Attack of the Bagmen (UK)
Mark Bowcock
39 mins

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