When one thinks of the absurd, it’s usually something that is completely crazy, does not make sense, unreasonable, has no meaning. And before we even touch on existentialist philosophy, we must recognize that in the human condition, the absurd is intrinsic, inherent to our being.

And then we have absurdist films, examples of which can be observed from more recent absurdist film-makers such as Quentin Dupieux or Spike Jonze’s Being John Malkovich or maybe even the works of  Luis Brunuel from a few decades ago.

Dos Parejas Fuman Debajo De Una Mesa by Estefania Veira from Argentina has elements of absurdism, which we found very brave and refreshing. Regardless of how strict your definition of absurdist film may be, whether from a purely philosophical perspective or from the opinion of absurdism as a deliberate form of expression, Dos Parejas Fuman Debajo De Una Mesa is both an interesting challenge and a joy to watch.

Estefania explains in her submission notes: “When making Dos Parejas Fuman Debajo De Una Mesa (Two Couples Smoke Under A Table), my idea was to portray how self involved we can be and how sometimes we are part of conversations, without having a clue of what’s going on within the dialogue or behind the doors.”

WATCH: Dos Parejas Fuman Debajo De Una Mesa (Argentina) by Estefania Veira – Teaser

Synopsis: Two couples get together for drinks before going to a wedding party and they soon find themselves trapped in absurd conversations and incoherent actions that might not lead them to the event, but to the lack of movement.

Dos Parejas Fuman Debajo De Una Mesa (Argentina)
Estefania Veira
7 mins

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