Disenchanted uk by Jonnie Dean - Trailer leeds independent film festival
Disenchanted, a short film with elements of animation is the work of Jonnie Dean from Bournemouth who in his own words, “seem to look up to Peter Jackson.”

Some background about the film from the director himself: “I made this film to take advantage of using the New Forest as a location and to work with a child as the main character. I was inspired by Peter Jackson’s early life how his Aunt used to take him through walks into the forest, telling him stories about mythical creatures that dwelled there.”

Jonnie is currently working on adapting this short version of Disenchanted into a feature film script.

Synopsis: Sam is struggling with his voice not being heard. His parents are going through a rough patch and his drawings have become dark and disturbing with a menacing spider appearing. Tyler, Sam’s father decides to meet Sam and takes him for an adventure into the forest to try to recapture his imagination.

Disenchanted (UK)
Jonnie Dean
10 mins

Disenchanted will be screened at No/Gloss Film Festival 2013Join the event page and Like us on Facebook for a chance to win a pair of weekend tickets.