Depacoda Shock, Javier Chillion No Gloss Film Festival Leeds
When this was submitted to us a few months ago, we did not know what to expect. Javier the director, had simply provided this one liner as a brief synopsis: “An astronaut returns to Earth after a fatal accident on a distant planet“. Ok, sounds quite straight to the point sci-fi doesn’t it?

Imagine 60s b-movie horror bolted on with a comic-book style narrative meets Charles Manson and starring an astronaut crab – you just can’t! It’s anything BUT straightforward – hilarious, suspenseful, unexpected, spectacular photographic scenes, all in under 10 mins, it’s more than just a short!

Decapoda Shock has won several international awards and we’re dead chuffed to have it screened at our festival. You really have to see it to believe it!

Depacoda Shock No Gloss Film Festival Leeds

Decapoda Shock (Spain)
Javier Chillon
9 mins

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