Dawn (UK) directed by Thomas Payton-Greene is a heartbreaking documentary about the loss of a loved one. We didn’t know what to expect at first but ended up with tears in our eyes at the end. Excellent cinematography, gently playing with the sense of melancholy and the storytelling cannot be more genuine than this.

Synopsis: The last time Babs saw Dawn was when she was forced to return her to her biological mother. Now, forty years later and for the first time, Babs tells the story of how she came to foster the 4 week old baby, raising and loving it as one of her own — for her only to disappear as unexpectedly as she arrived.

Dawn by Thomas Payton Greene No Gloss Film Festival

Thomas Payton-Greene, is from Sheffield and studies at Manchester School of Art. This film  was made using a couple of DSLR’s and some sound equipment borrowed from Uni.

Dawn (UK)
Thomas Payton-Greene

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