no gloss leeds independent film festival Dark Journey  by James White
Starring: Tiffany Mulheron (Lesbian Vampire Killers, Rock n Rolla) Melissa Leigh, Jeremy Stephens, Jason Ebelthite, Rebecca Pitkin and Giselle Bowyer (Gossip Girl).

A beautiful blonde American girl arrives in London to find herself stranded by the band she was meant to go on tour with. She soon realizes that there is a demonic force in the flat she has recently moved into. She befriends local people in her area, but doesn’t know who to trust. Tormented in her new flat be voices she has no control over, she ends up changing from a sweet naive girl to a sexy vamp with an attitude in order to survive in the remorseless city which is 21st century London.

Producer Caroline Murray has this to say about the film: “We all worked on a deferred basis, there was a little money for camera hire, lighting, travel expenses and lunch.

The script was written according to a shoestring budget which meant few characters and few locations, although we did make use of the many London locations, such as beautiful Hampstead Heath, River Thames, Regents Park, Camden and Covent garden market.

The inspiration came from living in an area in London which had a lot of tales of highwaymen, witches and ghosts, and some of the buildings look spooky at night. We shot a nightmare sequence on one of the most haunted places in England –  Swains Lane, right outside Highgate Cemetary.

One night the director, a friend and I were walking down Swains Lane after dark when all of a sudden we heard the sound of horses hooves behind us, we all looked around but there was nothing there, no sign of a horse or rider. we thought it was really creepy. Afterwards we had heard rumours that the 18th century highwayman Dick Turpin was reported to riding his horse Black Bess down Swains Lane to make his escape. ”

Dark Journey (UK)
James White, Caroline Murray

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