Synopsis:┬áReed and Lucy are enjoying a day in an amusement arcade. After winning a small prize on a 2p machine, the young couple fail to notice the appearance of two dolls behind the glass that bear a haunting resemblance to them. Their game of Crazy Golf starts in good spirits, but as Reed begins to lose the game he begins to lose his mind, and as the two dolls veer towards the edge of the machine, Reed’s competitive nature veers towards homicidal. It’s going to be GORE-ious!

From the director’s statement:

Crazy Golf is a punchy, bloody nod to my favourite horror films whilst subtly embracing my new found feminism, both in the subject matter and in my crew. The voodoo dolls and ‘what lies beneath’ element is also a manifestation of the stuff that used to scare me when I was a child… ‘What if there was something down there looking up?’


Crazy Golf (UK)
Chloe Philippou
10 mins

Crazy Golf (UK) will be screened at No Gloss Film Festival 2015.