Bite Horse Ric Crossley No/Gloss Film Festival

We believe that music videos are valid short films too – unfortunately not just all music videos. In film, the music is usually in the background, so that it does not distract the dialogue. In music videos, the music is brought to the foreground – the music is the dialogue. Unfortunately, most music videos end up becoming dumbed-down, visual fodder to accompany the music, just something to upload on youtube.

But Bite Horse is a completely different experience altogether.

Bite Horse is a track from Mississippi Witch’s recent new single, directed by Sam Walker and shot by oscar winning cinematographer Marcus Waterloo via Arm & Eye. When we watched it, it slapped us so hard in the face during its review the vote to screen it was a resounding YES. Dark, horror themes with a brilliant soundtrack, you will not want to miss this on the big screen.


Bite Horse (UK)
Sam Walker and Marcus Waterloo
6 mins

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