Synopsis: Jake late thirties, a struggling musician lives in London with hopes, possibly fading fast, of being signed to a record label. He constantly has problems with making things add up financially as he pursues his unconventional dreams, some might call fantasy. He desperately wants to help and to solve the conundrum of Adam his older brother, mid -forties, who has been diagnosed paranoid schizophrenic some 30 years earlier. Adam constantly creates weird, strange and sometimes terrifying realities as he struggles to make the world add up in any sense. He desperately wants to help and to solve the conundrum of his brother and aims to solve Jake’s financial problems once and for all when he receives his long over due royalty cheques from Apple Records and General Motors. We see the story of the brothers whole lives shown through the prism of 24 hours and investigate what reality is, as Adam comes to visit Jake.

Birds Fly South is a micro budget, low-fi, tender, autobiographical, urban fairy tale coursed through with humour about love, life, death, mental illness and hope.

Director’s statement:

This was my first short film, with no formal education I story boarded and directed the film , with some very generous help from my friends. It is a film aimed at destigmatizing mental illness as it explores the world through the prism of two brothers (based on me and my brother) one of whom has schizophrenia the other some slightly out of reach dreams.

Birds Fly South (UK)
Wade Bayliss

Birds Fly South (UK) will be screened at No/Gloss Film Festival 2014. Buy tickets now!