Synopsis: Ambivalence tells the story of Nora, who lives a very eccentric life. She looks at her life as if it’s a rollercoaster that’s only going up. But Nora doesn’t realize that her cheerful nature might also have a very dark edge.

There is this myth about people with two different eye colours, they say that they can see heaven and hell at the same time. Enter, Nora.
Nora is a spontaneous, social, eccentric young woman with one blue and one brown eye. On the surface she and her boyfriend Liam lead a very happy existence. But their life is not what it seems. Nora gets carried away in the superstitions of her existence and floats between very impulsive happy splurges and very anxious tantrums. She gets lost in a world of black and white, wrong and right, heaven and hell and absolutely no in between. She is the woman that has never seen the colour grey, because in her world it doesn’t exist. Ambivalence is a story of a woman struggling with the extreme ends in life, desperate to find a solution for her delusions and disease.

Ambivalence (Belgium)
Tine Lammens
6 mins

Ambivalence (Belgium) will be screened at No Gloss Film Festival 2016.