IndieFlix sponsors 2014 Leeds Independent Film Festival No Gloss
We are excited to confirm IndieFlix as one of the official sponsors for the 3rd edition of No Gloss, Leeds Independent Film Festival 2014! Having IndieFlix on board to support the festival this year is a major deal for us and for the film-makers we are showcasing.

Here’s the statement from Indieflix:

IndieFlix is excited to partner with the No/Gloss Film Festival given our shared dedication to supporting talented filmmakers from all walks of life. We’re proud to support a festival that is taking a stripped down, authentic approach to showcasing the best and truest independent films from around the world.

This partnership is especially significant because IndieFlix, founded by filmmakers, dedicate themselves to championing and curating independent film, bringing the best, the quirkiest and the rarest indie films to the forefront. The IndieFlix revenue-sharing platform allows subscribers to discover new, exciting indie film content, while at the same time ensuring the film-makers get paid with every minute of their movie watched by an IndieFlix subscriber.

Very few indie films get seen, never mind breaking-through at film festivals. IndieFlix’s commitment to seriously change this has seen it recently further expanding the platform’s reach by streaming titles onto XBox, giving film-makers an even bigger chance at getting discovered.

We hope that this partnership will expose our fans and audience to the possibility of discovering more amazing independent film content and introduce the film-makers we showcase to another avenue to be seen and heard.

Enjoy the world’s favourite independent movies, award winning shorts and documentaries on IndieFlix from as little as $5 (£2.99) per month and you can cancel anytime. The first month’s subscription is completely free!