In Solutionism (USA), artivist film-maker Hsiao-Yen Jones attempts to invigorate the audience “to act as designers in their way, in their own fields, their own lives.” In a nutshell, Solutionism explores the true meaning of design through Matt, a person who calls himself a designer. Hsiao-Yen weaves visual representations of Matt’s explanation into a neat and exciting 3 minute  film, examining the deep linkages between cognitive thinking and the role design plays in the integration of the visual, cultural and political world.

The synopsis struck a chord with us. According to Hsiao-Yen,  “By explaining the ways in which design can impact their world around us, the film presents design as a conscious way of action that each person can integrate into every facet of their internal and external lives.”

Solutionism (USA)
Hsiao-Yen Jones
3 mins

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