Synopsis: Haunted by visions, and paranoia, a young woman struggles to reassemble the fragments of her crumbling relationship in the dark thriller Tripped.

Tripped follows a brief period in the lives of a young couple. With their relationship slowly crumbling Regine and Noel seek out a recreational thrill with a couple of their friends. The lines of reality become blurred as Regine struggles to reassemble the loose fragments of their love whilst being haunted by an even darker tragedy.

Director’s Statement: Having previously worked on a number of productions, including my own short film OCD, I felt ready to tackle another longer project I had written. I managed to bring together a team from a number of online resources and just plain good luck as the budget was so low it really required commitment and dedication to the project. Largely funded from my own pocket, and with the kindness of Feral Equipment, who offered us a discount, we shot it on a Canon C300 in August 2013 and completed the edit in June 2014. All in all this project was a real labour of love and I couldn’t have done it without the wonderful people who dedicated their time and energy to being a part of Tripped.

Tripped (UK)

Tripped (UK)
Elena C Walton

Tripped (UK) will be screened at No/Gloss Film Festival 2014. Buy tickets now!