Synopsis:Sea Side is the story of a girl who is going through a stage of grief due to her brother’s suicide. This stage is denial. Her mind plays tricks with her in order to help her move on by showing her brother down at the seaside, where they spend time together.

Director’s Statement: Sea Side is a no budget project which explores the audiences’ understanding of suicide. The film itself is built around the emotions of suicidal people that I spent over six weeks personally talking to, understanding what they felt and the stages that they went through in their head before they had the idea to commit, in turn getting the audience to experience these same emotions in order.
Suicide is a difficult topic for people to understand if they haven’t personally experienced it through people they know or through their own past.
The intent for Sea Side is to get an audience to understand more about the emotions of a suicidal person, hence respecting that person’s decision.
We see how someone’s suicide affects the people close to them, to highlight how powerful someone’s decision can be and why it should not be looked at lightly.

Sea Side (UK)
Sebastian Cox

Sea Side (UK) will be screened at No/Gloss Film Festival 2014. Buy tickets now!