Synopsis: Curious 7-year-old Lily sees the world through a fantasy story written by one of her two fathers. When a strange woman arrives from one of her fathers’ past, Lily looks to the story of the Pebble Moon to understand what true family means.

Director’s Statement: As a team of six Cinema and Photography students at The University of Leeds, we set out to create an original and exciting story as our final year dissertation film. As Lily’s story in Pebble Moon began to emerge, we strived to engage with on-topic political and social issues, hoping to say something important, without having to say much at all. Funded in most part on Kickstarter, we filmed intensely on location for five days, with the help of some amazing people, who made this film come alive. Thanks to our hardworking team, passionate cast, and in particular, our wonderful leading lady!

Pebble Moon (UK)
Lian Furness

Pebble Moon (UK) will be screened at No/Gloss Film Festival 2014. Buy tickets now!