A list of press mentions for our humble film fest. Click on the images to view the larger version of the press cuttings / publications.

To view feedback from individual film-makers and festival-goers instead, read their reviews here.

DIVA Magazine

“No fancy sh*t, no frills, no celebrities – none of that. Just awesome films, a friendly vibe and you, the audience.”
divamag - no gloss film festival 2015

Independent Leeds


North Leeds Life Magazine

northleedslifemag - no gloss film festival 2015

Leeds Inspired Front Page

leeds inspired - no gloss film festival 2015

Metro Newspapers

no gloss film festival metro newspaper 2015

The Big Issue North

big issue north - leeds independent film festival 2015

BBC Films – Great Film Festivals

BBC Films lists our festival with “some of the best festivals from around the world” in their Great Film Festivals board. [more here] BBC Films Lists No/Gloss Film Festival with Some Of The Best Festivals From Around The World

Raindance Film Festival

An awesome mention in the Raindance site http://www.raindance.org/12-steps-to-shoot-release-a-feature/

Student Journals

Cheers Emily! :) http://www.studentjournals.co.uk/culture/film/2384-no-gloss-film-festival-preview

student journals

Her Campus

Thank you Rebecca! :) http://www.hercampus.com/school/leeds/preview-nogloss-film-festival-uk

her campus leeds

The City Talking


The City Talking

Leeds List


Leeds List

Becca Booger


Leeds List

Pride of Leeds

Thank you Nathalie! :) http://prideofleeds.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/no-gloss-film-festival-2013/

Shlur Mag

A brilliant write up by Adam from Shlur Mag http://www.shlur.com/nogloss-film-festival-preview/

Film Craic With Chris Shack

Thank you Chris Shack for this extensive review!! http://filmcraicwithchrisshack.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/no-gloss-no-bull/


Cheers Pete for the kind words: http://www.studiofiftyfive.com/culture/nogloss-film-festival

studiofiftyfive previews no gloss leeds independent film festival

Beyond Guardian Leeds


Beyond Guardian


Thank you James Plummer from Cultoid for this lovely preview: http://cultoid.com/nogloss-film-festival/

cultoid previews no gloss leeds independent film festival



cultoid previews no gloss leeds independent film festival

Leeds Student

Thank you everyone at Leeds Student :D http://www.leedsstudent.org/2013/09/17/preview-nogloss-film-festival/

My Life In Leeds

Thank you Darren! http://www.mylifeinleeds.co.uk/mb/t/nogloss-film-festival/

Cuonterfeit Mag


counterfeit mag

The Culture Vulture

Cheers Mark! You’re a star. :) theculturevulture.co.uk/blog/festivals/film-festivals/nogloss-film-festival-2/

Stanley Denning wrote this piece about the fest for The Culture Vulture. This mean so much to us: http://theculturevulture.co.uk/blog/radar/nogloss-film-festival-leeds/

Thank you Sean McGeady (but we can definitely say there was more than the reported 50 people on Saturday!) :) http://theculturevulture.co.uk/blog/festivals/film-festivals/do-it-yourself-filmmaking-nogloss/

Emerald Street by Stylist Mag

Stylist Mag (part of the Shortlist Mag family) has done a sweet little feature of the film festival in their Emerald Street mailout with a great shot of the zines + a mention of our live artists: http://ebm.stylist.emeraldstreet.com/c/tag/hBQSHQhB8SCEfB8t13xNsgOEFGg/doc.html?t_params=I_COCKTAILS06092012%3D2%26I_GUIDE06092012%3D2%26AUTH_HASH%3D825e05d9bc2e8488c437d8c755aa948f5de7b3ed%26EMAIL%3D

Leeds Online

Leeds Online published this interview. Thank you for all the support! http://www.thecitytalking.com/lifestyle/2012/9/5/nogloss-film-festival-supporting-diy-film-making.html

And another one post-fest! http://www.thecitytalking.com/lifestyle/2012/9/11/report-from-nogloss-film-festival.html

Maude Magazine

The lovely people behind Maude Magazine did an interview with Trent from our organizing team http://www.maudemagazine.com/do-it-yourself-nogloss-film-festival-leeds/

Leeds Inspired

Look who is on the front of Leeds Inspired: http://www.leedsinspired.co.uk/

The Myth of The Missing Film-Maker

From Andy, Director of Pie Money http://www.filmannex.com/posts/blog_show_post/the-myth-of-the-missing-filmmaker/65990


Newsicmoos is giving away a pair of weekend tickets to our fest: http://newsicmoos.co.uk/index.php/arts/item/lds-arts?category_id=9

One & Other

THANK YOU oneandother! http://www.oneandother.com/articles/new-film-festival-seeks-top-local-talent/ We are also in http://www.oneandother.com/ ‘s physical monthly magazine! You can pick up one of the 15,000 copies available in York! :) Thanks One&Other!


BeyondGuardianLeeds has something to say about us: http://beyondgdnleeds.wordpress.com/2012/08/29/leeds-today-culture-special-nogloss-robbie-pianos-volunteers-dench-kirkstall/


COOLSHITLEEDS have got us on their website! http://www.coolshitleeds.com/no-gloss-film-festival/


THANK YOU VIBRATIONS for this short write up: http://vibrations.org.uk/features.php?fn_mode=fullnews&fn_id=195

TQS Magazine

THANK YOU JOSEPH from TQS for this lovely write up about the preview! http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/nogloss-film-festival-a-preview/ and http://www.tqsmagazine.co.uk/nogloss-film-festival-leeds/


Thank you Jamie from MadeInYorkshire.tv for this mention http://madeinyorkshire.tv/2012/new-leeds-diy-film-festival-no-gloss/

Cosmin Cernica

Thank you Cosmin for this very passionate preview: http://cosmincernica.com/unconventional/

cosmin cernica previews no gloss film festival

Other Features

Other offline features: Yorkshire Post newspapers