Look what has just arrived in the post! An awesome delivery by Leeds’ very own Awesome Merchandise!

For the past few years, we’ve always debated about whether we should get merch for the fest. Are we too niche, will people care, do we even have enough funds for it? But then over time, we started receiving more and more requests from festival goers that they’d like to keep a part of the festival with them.



So we printed a few prototype t-shirts, got some positive feedback and now we’re pleased to say we’ve teamed-up with Awesome Merchandise for our 5th annual edition this year to bring you:

  1. No Gloss Film Festival T Shirts (available in different sizes)
  2. Supercool and unique square pin badges
  3. Awesome bad-ass looking tote bags

All in minimal, super-chic black!
We’ve only got a very limited run so look out for them at the merch stand at the festival this October!


The lovely people at Awesome Merchandise (thanks so much guys!!) have also kindly sponsored some stuff as well and we’re going to be doing a couple of giveaways / raffle at the fest.

See you this October! :)