paper plates jack satchell leeds independent film festival
Paper Plates (UK) is a snapshot in time of a love-struck best man struggling with his feelings for a bride on the day of her wedding. According to Jack Satchell and his team, “We felt the subject of the film, unrequited love, was quite a universal feeling and we drew on our own experiences when writing the script. We chose to shoot the film on a Canon C300 as we were on a student budget and this was camera offered the best bang for our limited buck. We were able to shoot at a local hotel for free in exchange for a credit at the end of the film, the staff were all very helpful for the entire two day shoot. As a group of student film makers in our second year of university, we felt this was the first time we had really made something to be proud of, a real film that could be enjoyed without having to add the qualifier for a student film.”

Paper Plates (UK)
Jack Satchell
6 mins

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