Written and directed by Ben Woodiwiss and produced by Nick Jones, Benny Loves Killing is a deep, psychological feature starring Pauline Cousty in the powerful lead role. An exploration of horror film elements, Benny Loves Killing is both unsettling and challenging because it provokes more questions than it does answers. There is a sprinkling of hints, which, on their own are deceptively subtle but together form a mind-bending ongoing debate of what is and what isn’t – the viewer becomes an unwitting participant in a discourse on theory through the interplay of image, intense music (by Jon Henning Orten), and a superbly-scripted dialogue.
In short, this film is not what it seems.

SynopsisBenny Loves Killing is the story of a student making a horror film which jeopardises her funding. She is on a mission to destroy herself as she lies to people, rejects them, steals from them, and worse.
Her only anchors in her life are her long-suffering friend and her Mother, but Benny is more interested in a quest to rebuild herself using stolen clothes and wigs.
Her nightmares may have something to tell her, but will Benny wake up before it’s too late?

According to the writer / director Ben Woodiwiss, on the meaning of the film:

I’m a big fan of not saying too much about my own interpretations of the film, because I’ve noticed that people seem to understand it in different ways, most of which are perfectly valid, and I want to keep that going. As soon as I say what it means, those conversations stop.

Ben answered some additional questions about the project’s background:

What was the budget?
The film cost approximately £4,000 to produce, which is very low. I pulled in a lot of favours for this, I don’t think anyone owes me anything anymore. Also, we got lucky, and found an excellent team. Because of this, everything was very relaxed, and everyone got to contribute their own creative ideas towards the film, and that has a level of satisfaction that goes very far.

Benny Loves Killing has a very distinctive style, where does that come from? 
That was something that I found while working on a trilogy of short films, prior to filming Benny Loves Killing. I looked at the cameras and lenses we had, and what I wanted to do with actors and locations, and it all grew out of that.

Why is the film partly in French? 
I’m not French, but my Mother and Grandmother were, and I spent a lot of time as a child listening to French conversations, TV, reading French books, etc. And that was something I wanted to recreate: that environment not dominated by one particular language or culture. I wanted the film to be of the world, rather than one particular country.

official selection 2015 benny loves killing no gloss film festival

Benny Loves Killing (UK)
Ben Woodiwiss

Benny Loves Killing (UK) will be screened at No Gloss Film Festival 2015.