Synopsis: Riccardo, a boy of ten with Down Syndrome, has one burning passion: the theatre. He lives in a backwater town, home to a small theatre company complete with Director, a noble inheritor of the small-town venue, and Mr. De Angelis, officially usher yet essentially jack-of-all-trades who regularly proposes the performances of the talented young actor, Mattia.

The youthful Riccardo sneaks into the theatre every afternoon, with the complicity of Mr. De Angelis, to witness his favourite actor, Mattia, in the flesh as he prepares for a show inspired by French actor and mime artist, Marcel Marceau. Mattia is the holder of a big secret, hidden from nearly everyone in the small town, the Director and the young Riccardo.

The only one with any inkling is Mr. De Angelis.

Volti (Italy)
Antonio De Palo
31 mins

Volti (Italy) will be screened at No/Gloss Film Festival 2014. Buy tickets now!

Volti (Italy) - Leeds Independent Film Festival