Synopsis: Strings details the events of a long, hot summer in the lives of four teenagers: Grace, a German exchange student, begins an impulsive relationship with a shy classmate that they both know will only last until the end of summer and the advent of University and her return to Munich. As Grace’s new relationship grows it is mirrored by that of her best friend, whose relationship has long since stagnated and become a daily war of snide point-scoring and violent arguments. Over the course of a night out the tenuous threads that connect the teenagers, their relationships and their friendships are stretched to breaking point.

The film was mentored by German movie star and Silver Bear winning actress Sandra Hüller, who also takes a small role. Much of the film is in German and required an on-set translator to help 18 year old director Rob Savage to achieve the semi-improvised scenes. Conceived as a short film originally, the film snowballed into a feature length piece after receiving widespread support from various established members of the German film industry through Sandra Hüller’s involvement and contacts as well as support from the BFI in the final stages of post production. Savage won a British Independent Film Award for the film and was named as one of Screen International’s Stars of Tomorrow 2013.

Strings (UK)
Rob Savage

Strings (UK) will be screened at No/Gloss Film Festival 2014. Buy tickets now!