Official Selection 2014 Hideaway UK Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez No Gloss Leeds Film Festival
Directed by Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez and made with only a £2200 budget, Hideaway (UK) is a half an hour drama set in the stunning Devonshire countryside. According to Gabriel,

“The film was funded partly by the producers and partly by outside financial backing from companies that the producers pitched the project to. Everyone on the film, cast and crew, worked for free during the 7 day shoot.”

The No/Gloss review committee gave a resounding, unanimous yes vote for its solid, emotional plot and stand-out lead actresses. We felt so strongly about this film that we have decided to award it an Official Selection laurel. This is a film you do not want to miss.

Synopsis: A dark criminal element frames this story of unlikely friendship between two young women. Phoebe is forced into kidnapping the daughter of a local businessman, Jessica, by a gang of drug dealers looking for Phoebe to pay off her debts following a catastrophic drug deal. After absconding with Jessica to the country Phoebe must decide whether she will turn Jessica over to the gang, or if she will carry on running away from her problems back in the city.

Gabriel Henrique Gonzalez

Hideaway (UK) will be screened at No/Gloss Film Festival 2014.