the kingdom of survival m.a littler nog loss film festival 2013

The Kingdom of Survival by maverick writer and film-maker M.A. Littler is an interdisciplinary documentary combining speculative travelogue and investigative journalism in order to trace possible links between survivalism, spirituality, art, radical politics, outlaw culture, alternative media and fringe philosophy.

We’ll be honest: this documentary made us slightly uncomfortable, not because it was made badly, far from it, but because the director explores unconventional topics, subjects beyond our usual comfort zone. And that is what makes it brilliant! It challenges the way we think about how we live.

the kingdom of survival m.a littler nog loss film festival 2013

We love the juxtaposition of archived cultural videos, and the insightful one on one interviews, the feeling that the viewer is being taken on a rock n roll roadtrip with an outlaw across the states to meet interesting individuals such as, (to quote the IMDb plot summary) “renowned linguist and dissident Prof. Noam Chomsky, outlaw historian Dr. Mark Mirabello, gonzo journalist Joe Bageant, legendary reclusive cabin builder Mike Oehler, anarchist book publisher Ramsey Kanaan, egalitarian radio host Sasha Lilley and folk musician Will ‘The Bull’ Taylor” – it’s all done very well, and does not make any assumptions on the viewers’ intelligence. An interesting insight into the possibility of an alternative way of living.

The Kingdom of Survival (USA)
M.A. Littler
96 mins

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