We are very proud to announce InspiredYouth as the Official Partner for No/Gloss Film Festival 2013.  This partnership could not have been more appropriate: InspiredYouth is a  multi-award winning social enterprise led by Kev Curran and Chris James who for the past 6 years, have been working extensively on making a positive impact in communities and with young people from challenging backgrounds. As a film festival with aspirational young film-makers involved and a primarily young audience, we were really moved by their “Aspire To More” ethos. It is something that  resonates deeply with us.

Films can be a very powerful medium for getting important messages across and what captured our attention was InspiredYouth’s great utilisation of harnessing the potential of digital media and the arts in their creative campaigns as outreach methods.  Having seen the good work that they have done we cannot help but feel that both No/Gloss and InspiredYouth share the same goal: we are both very passionate about motivating people to do more and overcome challenges by promoting empowerment through films, inclusive participation, skill sharing and accessibility. (As a side note, you can read about  the film festival’s ethos and values in here. )

We hope that this partnership will help expose more people to the possibilities of using art as a creative and positive outlet.

More exciting updates about this partnership coming soon!